Hewlett Packard Enterprise is dedicated to helping business deliver innovation through the new style of IT—mobile, scalable, powered by Big Data. HPE Software, a global leader in lifecycle management and quality, helps organizations deliver applications fast with confidence.

With HPE Software, organizations can scale Agile effectively from individual teams in sprints, to the enterprise with IT and business-aligned portfolios. HPE Agile Manager is a SAFe Gold-certified open, integrated platform for managing the planning, development, functional, performance, and security testing of applications with single-pane of glass visibility, while leveraging purpose-built tools preferred by development and others.

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“AGM is key in agile deployment in our organization as it enables easy agile practices for business people (Themes/Epics, Features). Having many video tutorials on-line makes adoption faster. AGM is also being enhanced every month with many new features that makes it feel as a ‘living tool.’”

— IT Project Manager; Medium Enterprise Financial Services Company

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