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Scaled Agile and the Scaled Agile Partner Network provide the knowledge, resources, and implementation practices needed to meet and exceed Lean-Agile transformation goals. Many organizations are already working with a Scaled Agile Partner on their Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) transformation. Scaled Agile can pair organizations with a knowledgeable partner to support their implementation.

The Advisory Services team at Scaled Agile provides a limited number of services including executive workshops, onsite training, and the launch of Agile Release Trains (ARTs).

Scaled Agile Advisory Services offers limited engagements to achieve three specific goals:
Executive Workshops

To learn in real-world situations in some of the world’s largest, most complex, and hardest implementations

Onsite Training

To enable Scaled Agile Partners and enteprises to implement SAFe efficiently, effectively, and completely

Launch of Agile
Release Trains (ARTs)

To achieve Gemba, learn from the industry, and ultimately refine the Scaled Agile Framework itself, using these experiences

SAFe® Program Portfolio Management Workshop Toolkit

Scaling beyond the first Agile Release Train (ART) and integrating Lean-Agile practices into the Portfolio Level is one of the most important steps in achieving full enterprise agility, but it can be one of the biggest struggles enterprises face if they aren’t prepared. The SAFe Program Portfolio Management (PPM) Workshop Toolkit (available to all Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultants [SPCs]) is designed to help scale ART’s Lean-Agile methods into the portfolio level.

In the two-day PPM workshop, attendees gain the tools and techniques necessary to organize around value for optimal business results and implement Lean-Agile Program Portfolio Management, governance, and budgeting. Attendees also learn how to use and implement the Portfolio Kanban system to accelerate value flow to the programs.

Attendees leave this workshop with a set of SAFe practices that accelerate value flow and support Lean-Agile program portfolio management, Lean-Agile budgeting and software capitalization, and Agile lifecycle governance.

The Advisory Services team is adept at running this two-day workshop and has deep experience facilitating the discussions needed to align at the portfolio level.

Contact the Scaled Agile Advisory Services team for more information about this or other consulting services.


The following individuals will benefit from this workshop:

  • Executives and leaders, CIOs, CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, and VPs
  • Line of business owners
  • Product and program directors, SAFe Agilists
  • Agile PMO and Agile change agents
  • Portfolio managers and enterprise process leads
  • Enterprise architects

Learning goals

After this workshop, attendees should be able to:

  • Adopt a Lean-Agile Mindset
    • Be a SAFe Agilist
    • Apply Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) principles to their Portfolio
    • Lead the change
  • Manage portfolio context
    • Connect to the enterprise strategy
    • Build a portfolio vision
  • Embrace Lean-Agile budgeting practices
    • Exercise governance with dynamic budgeting
    • Apply Lean-Agile forecasting
    • Integrate innovation accounting
    • Support Agile development capitalization strategies
  • Drive the Portfolio Kanban
    • Optimize flow through business and enabler epics
    • Identify an economic framework for decision-making
    • Explore SAFe portfolio roles
    • Build and experience a portfolio Kanban
  • Execute portfolio flow
    • Adopt life-cycle governance
    • Steer the portfolio
    • Encourage incremental development
    • Coordinate your portfolio

Topics covered

  • Lead with a SAFe portfolio mindset
  • Manage portfolio context
  • Embrace Lean-Agile budgeting practices
  • Drive the portfolio Kanban
  • Execute portfolio flow
  • Build the implementation roadmap


  • Leading SAFe or SAFe Program Consultant certification
  • SAFe Value Stream Workshop highly recommended

Bringing SAFe® training to the enterprise

Preparing and supporting the enterprise organization for continued success is Scaled Agile’s top priority. A key step to achieving that success is properly training the leaders, managers, and team members with Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) role-based training designed to help them better understand SAFe principles, the Lean-Agile Mindset, and their role in the transformation.

Each course is designed to help individuals maximize the value of their role within a SAFe organization and to help them advance throughout their career as they practice, consult, or train others in SAFe. The result is higher-quality implementations and greater stability for the organization. These courses provide great value for the organization as a whole, because training the enterprise in this way enables it to achieve three key goals:

  • Alignment on vision
  • A common working language
  • A regular cadence of work and communication

Without these, no transformation can truly succeed.

Learn more about the SAFe training curriculum

SAFe® Value Stream Workshops

Identifying Value Streams is possibly the most important first step in launching the first Agile Release Train (ART). Value streams are the primary Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) construct for understanding, organizing, and delivering value to the customer and thus to the enterprise itself. Understanding the actual flow of value in an enterprise is a challenge that can only be addressed in the specific business context, and can become more and more complicated as enterprises grow larger.

In this two-day workshop, attendees will gain the tools and techniques necessary to organize around value streams and ARTs for optimal business results. They will identify their organization’s value streams, select the value streams to target first, identify the Agile Release Trains within that value stream, and prepare to launch their first ART.

Attendees will leave this workshop with a plan to successfully identify the Agile Teams within their first ART and to coordinate the steps between the value stream workshop and ART launch. This critical process is invaluable to the success of a company’s Agile transformation.

Although SAFe Program Consultants (SPCs) have access to the Value Stream Workshop Toolkit as part of their certification, many SPCs bring in either a Scaled Agile Partner or a Advisory Services team member to help facilitate this important two-day event. Experienced facilitators bring an impartial third-party voice to the workshop along with know-how for running the workshop and getting participants to a shared mindset.

Need help running a value stream workshop? Contact a Scaled Agile Partner or a Advisory Services team member.

Develop a transformation strategy

While no two Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) transformations are identical, organizations that see the best results typically follow a similar adoption path. Scaled Agile transformation experts can help prepare an enterprise organization for success by providing a proven transformation roadmap that gets everyone onboard with the transformation. Scaled Agile does this by providing years of expertise in successful SAFe transformations, as well as a proven Implementation Roadmap that links strategy to execution.

Scaled Agile’s specialized expertise includes:

  • Tailoring a transformation strategy
  • Conducting SAFe executive workshops
  • Delivering onsite SAFe training and certification courses
  • Leading Value Stream and Agile Release Train (ART) identification workshops
  • Guiding Program Increment (PI) Planning and ART launch support

Utilizing the above expertise in developing and executing a transformation strategy can help successfully launch the first Agile Release Train and send the organization down the road of true enterprise agility.

Get leadership on the train

The Scaled Agile philosophy is simple: the responsibility for Lean-Agile adoption across the enterprise lies with the enterprise’s existing managers, leaders, and executives. Such a responsibility cannot be delegated to the development teams or even outside consultants. To achieve the level of ubiquity, cadence, and alignment needed to achieve true enterprise agility, leaders must be trained in these new and innovative ways of thinking and operating.

The first step in training leadership is getting them to attend the Leading SAFe® course. This two-day class is vital for helping managers, leaders, and executives who are truly committed to changing their organization to understand both Lean-Agile and the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). Only with leadership buy-in, understanding of the principles, and commitment to SAFe can true enterprise agility be achieved.

Leadership must also support the creation of a Lean-Agile Center of Excellence (LACE). LACE is a small team of change agents dedicated to implementing the SAFe and Lean-Agile way of working across the organization. Developing this core team is often what differentiates successful implementations from those that are practicing Agile in name only. In addition to training leaders on SAFe, creating a Lean-Agile center of excellence is pivotal to SAFe success.

Members of the Lean-Agile center of excellence typically exhibit the following characteristics:

  • They embrace Lean and Agile principles and use this philosophy as a basis for day-to-day decisions
  • They develop people. Their people develop solutions.
  • They understand and teach Lean and Agile behaviors
  • They are trained in the practices and tools of continuous improvement and teach
    employees problem-solving and corrective action skills
  • They are hands-on in the new process, and they take personal responsibility for Lean-
    Agile success

Get more information on building a true LACE team

Launching Agile Release Trains

Launching Agile Release Trains (ARTs) is critical to applying Lean and Agile development practices across large numbers of teams and practitioners. ARTs, as they are called in the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), are a foundational construct that brings up to 125 people together to plan in a set period of time called a Program Increment (PI). As a building block of SAFe, ARTs help enterprises achieve the ubiquity, cadence, and alignment needed to increase the productivity, quality, value delivery, and strategic alignment of their software and systems development.

Launching an Agile Release Train typically requires two important steps:

  1. Training the teams within the ART in a two-day SAFe for Teams class
  2. Participating in a two-day PI Planning event

These two steps are required to not only train the teams to understand all the key concepts, principles, and core values of SAFe, but also to allow them to participate in the decision-making process of defining the key objectives of the next PI.

Over these four days, an organization will:

  • Build a predictable model for Program Increment planning, objective setting, program execution, and adaptive feedback that provides a continuous flow of value to the user or marketplace
  • Train up to 125 team members (typically organized into 8 – 12 Scrum teams for a common program) in the principles of Scaled Agile Framework and the implementation of SAFe for Teams in an enterprise context
  • Align the teams to a common enterprise mission and product backlog, and plan for the Program Increment (8 – 12 weeks of value) through software and solutions
  • Establish iteration plans and measurable PI objectives
  • Introduce prospective Product Owners and Scrum Masters to the principles and practices unique to their role in the Lean-Agile enterprise. With the teams and stakeholders trained, and the new way of working now in effect, attendees are now prepared to evolve and improve their organization.Need help launching ARTs? Contact the Scaled Agile Partner Network or the Scaled Agile Advisory Services team for assistance.

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